Due to its high altitude and cool climate Baguio City has been the summer capital of the Philippines.Overtime it had also become a center of arts, culture, food and sports too.Baguio City is home of top running athletes here in the Philippines

Last year we supported Baguio paralytic athletes but this year we want to scout new breed of athletes to support and send to international events

Also, one of our goals is to have a nursery of pine trees seedlings for a more affordable tree planting activities.


Camp John hay
Baguio City


5km (650 Php)
Event shirt,Bib,Snacks,Timing Chip raffle stub.

12km ( 1,050 Php)
Event shirt, Race Bib,Snacks, timing chip, finisher medal, Raffle stub.

21km (1,450 Php)
Event shirts, Race Bib, Snacks,timing chip,finisher medal,raffle stub.

42km (1,850 Php) 
Event shirt, finisher shirt, Bib, timing chip , medal, finishers medal,Raffle stub .

Cash Prices Awaits for top Finishers***